How to Set Up Google AdWords’ New Price Extensions

Google has just rolled out a new type of extension for AdWords: Price Extensions. All AdWords advertisers will have access to this new extension in the coming days.

Price Extensions only display on mobile devices and will only show when your ad appears in the first position. Also important to note is this extension is only eligible to show in the Search Network. However, if your ad displays the Price Extension, it will likely take up all of the real estate above the fold. This fact alone makes the extension highly valuable.

But taking up a lot of real estate isn’t the only reason Price Extensions are so useful. Displaying prices to potential customers means users who click on an ad will be much more qualified to make a purchase compared to someone with no price information. This means the potential for higher conversion rates.


How to Set Up Price Extensions

Once the extension is available in your account, you can access price extensions via the “Ad extensions” tab in Google AdWords.

Price Extensions


Setting up Price Extensions AdWords

Click “+ EXTENSION” and select the campaign(s) you want the extension to show for. Then click “+ New price extension” and you will see the window below.

How to Set Up Price Extensions


Choose the “Type” from the dropdown that makes the most sense for your product or service and the rest is fairly self-explanatory. See the screenshot below to see what an ad with Price Extensions looks like.

AdWords Price Extensions Example

Price Extensions - Google AdWords

Price Extensions - Google AdWords

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